Mr. Jones's Science Class
Thursday November 14, 2019 10:54:59 AM

GEPA "Grammy" Awards

A long time ago, 2004 to be exact, students on a team known as 8-5 experienced something that only few have since. This phenomenon was called the GEPA “Grammy” Awards. Although it was held in a classroom the size of a lunchbox, nearly one hundred people (students and teachers) packed in like a bunch of sardines.

Neither heat, nor sweat, nor stink could prove to be obstacles powerful enough to curtail such an event. The event started and ended with a bang. Subsequently, the awards ceremony continued for three more years until its popularity died down.

Although the “GEPA” was replaced by the NJ ASK-8, the GEPA “Grammy” Awards will forever be remembered by all. In remembrance of this event, an archive of the songs has been created for your listening pleasure.

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