Mr. Jones's Science Class
Monday October 21, 2019 06:34:26 PM

Science and Music Project


After the GEPA Grammy Awards ended, there seemed to be something missing. It did not take long for me to realize this void was the presence of music in the classroom. The smooth and "catchy" tunes, the clever lyrics, and the exciting, yet hectic, atmosphere created in anticipation of the student created songs - none of it was there. Consequently, it was realized that music could easily be brought into the classroom once again. This rebirth lead to an assignment that required students to create song lyrics based on a scientific topic. Below, you will find the "fruits of labor" for some of the students that have since completed this assignment. In some cases, the students may have modified the assignment slightly by singing about studying or homework, but the quality of the songs surely qualifies them to be included. ENJOY!

Music Videos

The Astro Chicks performing "My Solar System"

The Odd Squad performing "Earthquake"

EMTJ performing "Nitromite"

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